Ramzan Festival in Kerala

Dev Sri
Ramzan is one of the greatest feasts of Muslims of Kerala, India. It is observed in the ninth month of the lunar year. Since the festive is connected with the month of Ramadan, it is also called as Ramadan. Muslims, not only in Kerala but also in the whole world observe fasting in order to prepare for the great feast as part of purifying from the sins. The whole period is to be in prayers and spiritual worship. Muslims spend a good part of their time in Mosques studying the Quran during this time. Night prayers are also done in addition to the regular prayers daily.
Muslims keep themselves abstained from smoking, drinking, consume meat, sexual relationships etc. still there are excuses for ill people and children. Also they keep themselves to be good by controlling all bad habits since it is takes away all goodness of fasting. On the appearance of the crescent moon on the west, Ramadan ends and Id-Ul-Fitr or the feast of fast breaking is celebrated.

On this day, Muslims give alms, gives food to the needy and more. In the morning of the day, they freshen up themselves, wear new clothes and goes to the mosques to recite religious prayers. Imam or the religious leader leads the prayers sessions in the mosque at this morning. After the ceremonial functions, the people mingle up with their friends and relatives and wish all the goodness of the feast.

In Kerala, the members of the sister communities are invited to their homes to have fun and to participate in their great celebration. In some parts of Kerala, Muslim women wear ornaments and visit the houses of their dear and near ones.

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